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Forcans – Lavender Antibacterial Spray 1000ml For Dogs And Cats

  • Lavender Forcans Area Deodorizing Solution (1000ml) professionally removes odors arising from domestic animals.
  • Use the product in places where the pet’s toilet has been cleaned, curtains, sofas, floor mats,… to eliminate the source of unpleasant odor molecules
  • Use Aroma oil from nature, do not use sensitive aromatherapy for the pet’s sense of smell
  • Outstanding antibacterial and deodorizing ability extremely quickly
  • Lavender fragrance helps to bring a feeling of refreshment, freshness and no more unpleasant odors

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Original price was: ₹1,080.00.Current price is: ₹972.00.

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Instructions for use
  • Place the product more than 30cm away from where it needs to be sprayed and sprayed
  • Use in sweat-producing areas such as corners, floors, or pet accommodations
  • Helps to thoroughly eliminate odors in the area where the pet goes to the toilet. Sprayed into the air, bringing a refreshing aroma
  • Can be used as room spray perfume
  • Eliminates other odors in the house
  • Can be used for items with fiber material
  • In case of use for places that may be discolored, flying color, it must be checked whether the product is discolored or not before using
  • When using the product, it is necessary to follow the instructions of a veterinarian for pregnant and postpartum pets, elderly pets, pets who have not reached 6 months of age after birth, pets who are in the period of taking the drug in a weak physical condition, the skin has an abnormal state such as itching, bumps, red spots during/before using the product or in the treatment phase
  • Pay attention not to spray directly or let the product fall into the eyes, ears, nose, mouth of the pet
  • If the product fell into the eyes of a pet due to exposure to air, please consult a veterinarian
  • In case of errors so that the product falls into the eyes of the pet, it is necessary to quickly visit a veterinarian.
  • Absolutely do not leave the product in places near the fire or with a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius
Storage instructions
  • Cover and stand up, store in a dry place, away from direct light
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not use product bottles for storage
Expiry date 3 years from the date of manufacture



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